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Multi Slice CT Scan




• Minimum of 10-12hrs fasting is essential prior to the check-up.
• Do not take anything except water not even tea or lime juice after dinner at 10.00 p.m. the previous night till the time    you given your blood.
• An early light dinner the previous night is recommended.
• Avoid heavy meals and alcohol 24 hours prior to the Health Check-up.
• A small urine & stool sample should be brought in a clean plastic/glass container. If desired, the containers may be    collected earlier from centre.


• Males are requested to shave their chest, to ensure a good ECG / Treadmill Test.
• Females are requested to wear dress if they are undergoing Treadmill Test.
• Avoid wearing tight cloths, formal clothes and jewellery.
• Wear loose clothing and easily removable footwear.


• Ladies, please inform the X-ray technician if you are pregnant or suspecting pregnancy and do not give urine for    examination during menses.
• If you are taking any Antihypertensive/beta blockers you need to stop it 48 hrs prior to stress test, KINDLY DO SO IN    CONSULTATION WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN. Medicines like Seloken, Amlopin AT, Aten, Tenolol, Betaloc, Betalov, Met XL,    Metolar, Nabicard, Nebilong, Tenormin, Tensimin, Beta card AM, Conlor, Revelo XR, Presolar, Corvadial, Nebilol,    Seloken AM, Selokel XL, Inderal, Vivalol, Prolomet AM, Dilatrend, Carvil, Cardivas, Carloc, Concore, Ciplar, Betanif etc.    should be discontinued 48 hrs prior to health check up.
• Inform us in advance if you want any additional investigation to be done for you.
• Do inform us in case of cancellation or postponement as the available slot can be used by another person.


• If you are a diabetic avoid taking insulin injections / anti diabetic tablets on the morning before giving your blood.
• Please carry your insulin/ anti diabetic tablets with you if you are reporting in fasting condition to centre.
• Other regular medication can be taken as instructed by your doctor.
• Please bring all your earlier medical records and medical accessories like glasses, hearing aid if any when you come for    the check up.


• All cheque’s / demand drafts should be drawn in the favor of “MITUSHI HEALTHCARE PVT LTD.” Payable at    Ahmedabad.
• We accept all major credit cards.
• Health Check final reports will be available on same day evening except in case of certain tests for which the reports    are available after more than two days.
• The reports should be collected from the centre. In case if you want your reports to be couriered then courier charges    to be paid extra.
• Kindly bring you payment receipt while you come for report collection.
• Company sponsored clients are requested to bring their authorization letter and employee ID.


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